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"Sweat the Alphabet, and Draw the Digits."

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BOKWA® is the latest cardio group fitness program that is rapidly spreading across the globe.

From large health club chains to independent studio’s, to schools and community centers, participants are lining up to experience Bokwa®.

BOKWA® is Different. It is not really a dance workout – there is no choreography and no counting steps. It is a group fitness program. Participants draw letters and numbers with their feet, while moving together to music in free form rhythm.

Everyone is doing it. If you can move and you can spell, you can do Bokwa®. From 4 year old kids, to men and women in their seventies, to guys with “2 left feet”, to fitness enthusiast.  Bokwa® engages participants of all ages to move in the same direction,  in the same class and to the same music.

See for yourself but


"To WATCH Bokwa®; it can be intimidating, but to LEARN and actually DO Bokwa®, is absolutely EXHILARATING!"


Ditch the Workout. Join the Party

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"Whew!  Look at me work it!  Come on, you can do this too!"

® Fitness is a Latin-inspired dance group fitness program that will get you burning some serious calories.  Zumba® combines many genres of dance from cultures around the world.  It's a global workout!

Beginners will not be intimidated.
Advanced Folks will not be bored!

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